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9. A tool for reading a newspaper

More and more newspapers, mailing list archives, bulletin boards, and individual diaries (such as hyper nikki system, weblogs and blogs) are published on the web. ‘Shimbun’ library enables you to read those contents with your favorite mail/news reader. Actually, ‘Shimbun’ library provides functions to convert those contents into articles like common e-mails.

Shimbun’ is pronounced “she-n-boon” (but actually vowels shouldn’t be prolonged), it means “newspaper” in Japanese.

The ‘shimbun’ module has the goal to generate articles that are as readable as normal mail or news posting. This goal is often difficult to achieve as web sites change the html of their articles.

If you notice (even small) annoyances like nonsense images within the text or any other text that is not related to the article please report them using report-emacs-w3m-bug (see section Mailing list and submitting bug reports).

Shimbun’ library currently supports Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri On-line, many mailing list archives such as Emacs Devel, XEmacs Beta, Gnus, Mew, and Wanderlust, Slashdot, Slashdot Japan, and a lot of others. For more detail, see Sites supported by Shimbun.

By the way, you have to pay attention to copyright when using ‘Shimbun’ library. Copyrights of articles generated with ‘Shimbun’ library are reserved by copyright holders of those original contents. Therefore, you are obliged not to violate rights of copyright holders, when you enjoy generated articles. It means that you can enjoy generated articles on “fair use” that is described in the copyright law.

We, emacs-w3m development team, give no warranty to you, if ‘Shimbun’ library causes a damage to you, or if you face a lawsuit about violation of copyrights.

Shimbun’ library is a collection of many modules, but each of them serves no useful purpose alone. This section explains three typical ‘Shimbun’ applications (two of which are included in the ‘Shimbun’ library) and how to make ‘Shimbun’ modules by yourself (you need to be able to write Emacs Lisp programs).

Note that you need to have installed the FLIM package (and Gnus if you’d like to use ‘nnshimbun’) before building and installing emacs-w3m. The FLIM package requires the APEL package. You might also want to see See section Things required to run emacs-w3m.

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